We have been providing our services from the past 10 years in the suburbs of Melbourne. Our team includes professionals with more than 15 years of experience in commercial and residential services. With much experience, we can tackle severe conditions and work correctly in any environment.




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    wHY CHOOSE PLUMBER JERRY OVER OTHER Plumbers in Melbourne?


    Experienced and Licensed
    We have been providing our services for years in the suburbs of Melbourne. 
    We strive to offer excellent services and deliver premium customer experience. 
    We are fully insured and take a personal approach to every project. Our experienced team
    consists of licensed professionals who get the job done on time.

    24/7 service
    We understand that problems can occur anytime. We take care of our customer’s needs and
    provide our services for 24 hours. Our skilled professionals will reach you out in minimal time
    and will make a full charge to deal with the issue effortlessly. 

    You can rely on us for all the plumbing issues, including emergencies, repairs, and maintenance.
    We will resolve your plumbing requirements at an affordable cost. Also, we provide accurate
    advice and have transparent pricing for the solutions. You can contact us at any time, and we will be at your doorstep on the same day.  
    Jerry Plumber Melbourne is a reliable solution for all plumbing needs. Call us for more details
    and booking our services.







    Blocked drains can occur at any home or commercial building due to many reasons. The blockage may damage your property, breakage in pipes, and overflow of waste materials in toilets and water overflow in sinks. We are experienced in providing a cost-effective solution, drain relining, and repairing the broken pipes using the latest CCTV drain inspection equipment.


    Gas leakage is a hazardous act, and proper maintenance is required to prevent these kinds of accidents. We are certified in repairing and maintaining gas appliances like cooktops, gas heaters, and gas lightening. We also specialize in repairing gas hot water units. Contact us for regular inspection and repair services.



    We are one of the best commercial plumbers in Melbourne. Plumbing in commercial spaces is different from residential and requires more skills for dealing with the issues. We have fixed many commercial building plumbing issues with the use of the right tools and handled the job correctly.  

    Residential plumbing

    If you want residential plumbing solutions, then remember us. We know most of us try to save a few dollars and repair residential leaks and other plumbing issues by ourselves. But it may be expensive for you as you may create more damage while fixing the problems. So it is better to contact a professional. We provide 24-hour plumbing in Melbourne at a lower price than other service providers.

    Emergency plumbing

    Do you need urgent help with plumbing issues? Then feel free to contact us anytime. We provide emergency services to our clients on the same day

    water filter repairs

    Water filters are essential components for our living conditions. It requires maintenance and replacing the old filtration kits after a period. If you want to install, repair, or maintenance services for water filters, then we are here for your help. We use high quality and certified equipment for repairing these filters


    Residential and commercial renovations require plumbing services at different levels. WE are ready to work with homeowners and provide the services needed at their place. Our plumbers and Gasfitters will reach you as soon as you contact us. We will help you redefine your home by installing and repairing essentials in your kitchen, bathroom, roof spaces, and Toilet.


    In buildings and homes where the plumbing systems or drain system have not been properly maintained, floor drain blockages are a sign that the plumbing is seriously in need of a professional cleaning in Melbourne.

    Backflow device maintenance

    Backflow devices are one of the essential components to resist the backflow of waste material into water supplies. It prevents harmful toxins from mixing up with fresh water. If you want to install or repair the backflow devices in your residential area, then we are just a call away from you.






    Do you need an emergency plumber in Melbourne? We know that specific issues arise
    unwontedly, and you do not have enough time to wait for fixing these issues. Well, you can
    completely trust us in this situation. We are committed to providing our services anytime. Our
    team consists of professionals reaching to the clients on time.  We complete our work quickly and effortlessly. Also, our services are comparatively cheaper than other companies. We have achieved our clients’ trust by serving them on time and having proper consultation throughout our work. We can repair pipes, taps, and appliances of any brand with ease. If you want to get high-quality Plumber services, then give us a call.






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    Frequently ASKED QUESTIONS

    What are the payment options accepted by you?

    We accept payment through Cheques, Credit cards, and cash. You can make a payment after the job done by our team.

    Why does my drain smell?

    The smell implies there is an issue with the trap, which is used to store a small amount of water all the time. This trap is U shaped and prevents gases as well as the smell from escaping. If it is dried out, then you will observe a foul odor coming out of the drain. You will need to pour water down in the pipe. If this solution doesn’t work, then you must contact Plumber near you for inspection.

    When do I need the Backflow test?

    When your local water authority sends you a letter to take the test, you must get your backflow wolves tested by Plumber in Melbourne.

    Why does my pipe clang?

    There are three possible reasons for this condition:
    1. The air may be present in your system.
    2. The pipes may be loose from cross joints to the attachment.
    3. There could be a sludge build-up in your heating system.
    To overcome these issues, you will require a professional plumber.

    Do you guarantee your work?

    Yes, we are working for ten years and have served thousands of clients. We can give a 100% quality guarantee for you. Also, we assure you to provide hassle-free services.

    Which areas in Melbourne do you service?

    We service the entire northern and southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. You can see the areas list of our plumbing supplies in Melbourne.

    What are your working hours?

    Our standard working hours are 8 am-5 pm every Monday-Friday. However, our emergency service is available 24×7. You can contact us anytime for residential and Commercial Plumbers in Melbourne.

    Why my toilet tends to clog easily?

    There may be two possible reasons for clogging. There is not enough water in the tank, or something is stuck into the pipes. You can fix these issues by calling out a professional plumber.

    Can you fix work previously done by other Plumbers?

    es, feel free to contact us for any kind of plumbing services, even if it was done earlier by someone else. If you are in Melbourne, you do not need to search for a cheap plumber near you. We are one of the cost-efficient plumbing service providers in this area.



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